Thursday, 12 December 2013

First Attempt: Blood Donation

Oh my! I was hoping to get it this time to finally give back something special and meaningful this holiday season. Blood donation is something I've been meaning to give a shot not only does it make it a heroic deed but also it does benefit or is good for our bone marrow. The previous attempts were all a fail. The recent one before this, I already passed but it was my menstrual period so I cannot donate. Today, our office conducted a blood donation activity facilitated by the Philippine National Red Cross of Davao. I never hesitated to admit myself for a check-up to see if I can donate this time. After a series of blood tests and interviews which is just quick, I passed. I was delighted and #feelblessed and thought finally I can give this time. I was asked to lie down and I was a bit nervous because it's my first time to have my blood extracted in I think 2 bags of like a dextrose container. That's the amount of blood required to be donated.

 photo IMG_20131212_130103_zpsb96d51a7.jpg
First attempt of inserting a big needle in my right arms FAILED! 
Not because the in-charge got it wrong but my tiny and only visible vein is kinda shy 
and collapsed the moment it was inserted the way it is.

It was painful but it was tolerable. I can feel how big the needle is when it was inserted. I didn't loose my hopes and the in-charge told me she would try the other side of my arms. If you are really scared in these kind of needles and blood matter, you won't think of doing it anymore and again on the other side. But I bravely welcome the in-charge's idea.

 photo IMG_20131212_130114_zps2d79539f.jpg
Second attempt on the left arm FAILED!

This time I got disappointed already. Same explanation as of the first attempt. Still not giving up, I asked the in-charge if it's possible that they extract blood in my hands instead. She told me it's not allowed since the flow of the blood in the hands is slow. I asked her what could be a possible reason why my vein collapsed. Maybe my veins is about the size also of the needle and it's really small for the needle. Oh well! How can I make my veins bigger? Laughter broke down in the hall. Lol! Dismayed to the highest level! But I guess there is a reason why I cannot donate blood. God knows how I want to give. Better luck next time for me. But it's good to know that I'm fit and healthy and able to donate in my own little way.

 photo IMG_20131212_131918_zpsa723071f.jpg
My PNRC blood donation card. At least I tried than never tried at all.

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  1. So nice of you to donate blood! I would love to do it too pero palagi akong lowblood and I'm anemic too. :/


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