Monday, 4 February 2013

(Cheese)..cakes, anyone?

This is not suppose to be happening. I hate cravings because it's hard for me to get over it unless I taste it. Every time I get to see food bloggers in my computer screen and post delicious and mouth-watering pastries, I just hate them! Not hating them in a negative way but in a tastefully and sinfully manner. Only my mind and eyes benefits, full and very stuffed. But what about my ever grinding tummy? You see I have the sweetest tooth ever. I always have an eye (and stomach) for pastries in which cakes tops the most. I can even eat them as my breakfast, lunch and dinner (and merienda's in between). I would never get bored with it, ever. And recently, when I came across NY Cheesecake, that's the start of my love story with it. And as a newbie blogger living here in the city, one place in mind: Lachi's. They serve the best comfort food, cakes. Their specialties are san rival, the cheesecake and the five-choco torte. Not only that, they have a wide array of delicious and unforgettable dishes that suits any time of the day and affordable too. Second to my list is the Cheesecake of Tiny Kitchen. Got to try their Oreo cheesecake and sans rival. They also have the best pasta in town. Haven't tried in there yet but I know now where to ask hubby to take me in the 14th. There's a third. It's at Osvaldo's Cakes.  I heard the NY Cheesecake and carrot cakes are to die for among others.

And to cap of my unending desire for sweetful (sinful) overloads, I am sharing to you my ever trusting bloggers who always feeds my mind and soul with these invisible, irresistible treats.
  • Leslie (She's everything. International and local, she's been there), 
  • Jin (Every time they hold eat-together with her family, there's always a table full of various kinds of cakes that's very sinful. If it serves that kind of amount, I'm charged already with gluttony)
  • Ms. Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice ( Sorry po I didn't get your real name. I t just so happen I just started to discover your blog and got interested then) 
  • For local (since I live here in Davao), I go for Abigail (She's a yuppie and I find her blog informative since we live in the same place and I got to get from her ideas where to eat next. When you want to visit Davao, check out first her blog)
This has got to end. I have to eat all of it and more discoveries before 2013 ends. Never mind the calories. Anyway, I'll be burning them when I'm with my tots everyday. How about you? Do you have a bite of cheesecake experience that you wanna share that is so hard to forget and recommend and you would love me to try? Happy eating with love everyone!

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  1. Thank you for thinking so highly of me. I'm truly delighted! <3 -jane


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