Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Sweet treat for my sweet tooth

I would say this is the part 2 of my previous post. I have been craving to eat sweets (cheesecake in particular) these past few days because of the temptation of my favorite food bloggers. Recently I had the chance to visit the mall and a stall caught my attention. It serve a variety of brownies and other kinds of pastries. This particular goodie is like their hot seller.
Dulce de Leche
The sales attendant told me that it's made of brownies topped with cream and there's caramel to it. I'd say it did not impress me much because the brownie itself is a bit crumbled. And the texture of the brownie is not moist and soft.
The inside
I'd rather not say first the name of the shop since I'm pretty sure they have the best tasting brownies. They said they have 24 variations of brownies and that I got to try. But over all, I am happy because I got to satisfy my sweet cravings.

I'm no expert in test tasting and giving just verdict when it comes to food. Because anything I'd eat as long as it goes well with my taste buds and soothes my craving tummy, I'm okay with it. This is just my personal opinion folks!

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