Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Here Comes Summer 2015 (Part 1)

Everybody's excitement in every social media page screams out S-U-M-M-E-R!!! It's the most wonderful time of the year apart from Christmas or when you are a student. Believe me, even parents sigh with relief when summer time comes. No hurried morning madness especially if you're a working mom. This summer is extra ordinary and I would say memorable for us as it is not a yearly happening. Two of my husband's family from abroad are here to spend vacation at the same time and what better way to spend summer is to hit the B-E-A-C-H. Oh yeah! This is the last day of the month and tomorrow, April 1, is officially the start of summer. Exciting noh? Personally, at this point in my life, as much as possible I refrain from too much exposure under the sun. For one, I easily get dark and I care for my skin more at my age now. I don't like excessive sweating too because it's an icky, sticky feeling. But since I have kids already, I enjoy looking at them enjoying the water so I'm equally happy na rin, diba muthers? A hat, a pair of sunglasses and an overload of sunblock will do the trick for me. But for the meantime, let's prepare ourselves first for the complete spiritual cleansing. We are commemorating the Holy Week this week. Let us renew and come ourselves before our God who died on the Cross and sacrificed for us. And gave a new hope for us by rising from the dead. May we have a fruitful, peaceful, restful, blessed and meaningful week.

Fast forward to next week…

We will be having a family gathering. Oh well, it's also the time where family reunions are usually being held because the kids are on vacation too. So it's totally a big event that we are all looking forward to. It'll be an overnight stay in one of the longest running operational beach resort here in the city, the Mergrande Ocean Resort (formerly the Villa Victoria Beach Resort). 


We frequent this beach resort when we were kids about 20 years or so ago. A regular visitor means almost every weekend we were there with my relatives on my father's side. Upon arrival, we changed in our swimming outfits and swam like there's no tomorrow. Me and my cousins would just get out of the water to eat or when it's time to go home already. Then we are knock off to sleep.

At present...

Being in this resort brings back a lot of happy childhood memories. A lot has been changed and it is for the better. Cottages for overnight has improved a lot and in air-conditioned type already, their playground is more child-friendly and as a parent it's a double thumbs-up and a high-five recommended for me. (The giant shoe and the big mushroom structure is still there. I'm glad that they still preserved it.) They have improved and added their recreational facilities such as seminar halls which can accommodate events like weddings, birthdays and the like. Their swimming pool is more exciting than before with the additional slides, waterfalls structure and installed shaded area in its vicinity. Sorry but I haven't taken photos when we were there about 2 weeks ago. But I'd say, I loved it's amenities now including the toilet and bath rooms and the restaurant. I didn't expect their generous amount of serving for an affordable price. We had our breakfast there and for a price range of Php100-140, a serving of their regular breakfast includes a huge cup of rice, 2 servings of sunny side up egg, a bacon (or tocino or longganisa), a choice of tea or coffee and a choice of fresh fruits of juice. And I am amazed at how delicious their breakfast selection is. That time the available fruit they serve is watermelon. It's sweet and juicy and in large serving too. If you'll order their American breakfast, they serve a jumbo-sized hotdog, 3 slices of toasted bread, a butter and a jelly then a choice of either tea or coffee and fresh fruits or juice. I can't help to brag about it because it's really worth every peso you'll spend. I promise to show you in photos the next time we'll visit there and just bombard you with one, less talk…. hehehe. So for now, I leave you hanging. It means I'll make a part 2 series of this post, more on photos next time.

I hope you will also have an exciting, adventure-filled summer with your loved ones blogga' friends!

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