Thursday, 5 March 2015

On Being Healthy, Physically Fit and Losing Weight

Yesterday, I went to see my doctor again after a month of medication. While waiting for my turn, I was browsing a diabetes-issue magazine and stumbled upon an article that's all about the right way to exercise. And I think it's not only applicable for those having the said illness but for everyone's information.

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You choose what category fits your fitness plan.

What I knew all along isn't true at all. I thought when you just sweat it all out, everything is all in. There is a particular exercise routine, frequency, intensity and duration you have to follow pala in terms of your fitness goal. But I think it will also matter on what particular exercise you will undergo. 

My present goal is to be physically fit. But after I weighed myself yesterday, I found out I am 8 kilos heavier. Maybe I have to lose some weight muna then be physically fit after I shed off those stored baggage.

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  1. I've been putting this off for a long while na, but I also need to make myself fit. More than the time, I need fortitude and will power.


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