Tuesday, 3 March 2015

The Best Vegetable Chips #OnlyInDavao

In this generation, we are gearing towards healthy lifestyle and eating the right way is part of it. I am so happy to introduce to you a homegrown product that is making a name on its own. It is recognized as the best vegetable chips in Davao published in Sunstar Davao, a local newspaper here in the city (March 2, 2015 issue). If you can't read clearly the caption on the photo below, here's for your clearer view:

FRUX'S VEGGIE CHIPS. This healthy alternative to the regular chips you find in the market is a combination of squash, carrots, malunggay, ampalaya, camote tops, alugbati, saluyot and kangkong. This product of Panabo City-based Frux Food Products is always a hit during trade fairs in Davao City. If you happen to travel to Panabo, pass by at the Panabo City Pasalubong Center.

 photo IMG_20150303_115455_zpsf3t7vftn.jpg
Once published, you can never go wrong. Highly recommended!
Salted and sweetened variants tastes so good.

 photo IMG_20150303_143821_zpsdbulhxc1.jpg

The first time I tried it, my taste buds is into it instantly. Being the junk food lover that I am, I like this more since it has healthy ingredients. No need to worry too much of artificial flavorings that is bad for our system. Its thin, crispy serving is satisfying and cravings are definitely solved.

Aside from its vegetable chips, one product that Frux Food Product is known for and is available in leading local supermarkets is its homemade peanut butter. One thing I love about its spread is that you cannot see oil forming on top of the spread like other brands. It's not greasy and you can really taste the real peanut in the butter itself.

The next time you encounter the name 'Frux', go ahead and grab every product with its name. #GawangPinoy #Davaoproduct #BestVegetableChips #healthychips 

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