Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Onitsuka Tiger: Behind the Fever

No! I do not mean the kind of sickness but a brand of footwear. Based on history, it started out making basketball shoes and is a registered trademark of Asics Corporation which I'm familiar with. Oh, well! I am not really a sneaker/rubber shoe fan though having one or two to own is enough to sport a casual and comfort feel and look. I do not have any idea when it comes to rubber shoes and sneakers except for those well-known brands like Nike, Addidas, Fila, Tretorn, Chucks from Converse to name a few. And with this particular Japanese brand Onitsuka Tiger, I would never knew about it until our recent trip to London late of last year that my in-laws introduced it to us this cool brand of shoe. To think that its already making waves here in the Philippines with celebrities already wearing it. Why I didn't know?

 photo IMG_20150225_074119_zpsxhin6tqd.jpg
My one and only pair of Onitsuka Tiger. Let me tour you to every part of the shoe...

 photo IMG_20150225_074159_zpsyh8y0hb1.jpg
I love the color of my Onitsuka. It's very 'London' where I actually bought this.
Like the colors of the British flag.

 photo IMG_20150225_074238_zps7hyoob68.jpg
A closer look of its design. It's their signature style.
Pardon for the stain. How do I actually get rid off that stain?
Anyone? Please share...

 photo IMG_20150225_074221_zps5t4ki4ft.jpg
The bottom sole.

 photo IMG_20150225_074254_zpsktu7u2cn.jpg
The insole.

I'm so lucky to have bought a pair for around P1,300.00 Philippine peso. Wonder why it's so cheap? Because I bought it in one of the outlet stores located in Great Britain particularly in Ashford. If only I had the extra money, I would have brought two more for me and hoarded for my family. To think that the local price for that would cost around 5,000.00 - 6,000.00 pesos. Even if I sell it double the price here, it's still way cheaper. Don't you think?

The feel? Very comfortable and easy to walk in. With the color design that I chose, it can perfectly fit to any wardrobe color of my choice. But even if I knew about it, I might have difficulty owning one because of my personal reason: not practical spending for thousands of bucks. Browsing over to their website wants me to own one again. 

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