Monday, 9 February 2015

The Red Door

Hello loves! What a great month to start with. It's already February and we're nearing half of it which means Valentine's day is almost around the corner. They said that love month is synonymous to red color, red roses, red wine and the like. But now, we can say that brown color is so much related to the love month because of the chocolates. Yeah! Why not?

Well, I'm not talking yet about my family's plans for this year's Valentine's day. But it's kind of something symbolic because of the new color of our house's main door, which is red #crimsonred (and brown for our screen door). 

 photo IMG_20150208_123736_zpsefijavtr.jpg
Our new main door.

What inspired me to color our main door with red was when we travelled to London last October 2014 with my hubby. In London, the hues of red, blue and green are the main colors of their front doors. And I fell in love with it. That gave me the idea to color it like that because it gives a rich and striking accent to the plain and simple facade of our house. Before that, I was already eyeing the door color of #MsDaphne house. From then on, I told myself, in time I will have our door painted in red too. Me thinks it's so chic and grabs attention to everyone. Don't you think? The only problem I have with our door is it cannot be noticed right away because our screen door which is colored brown blocks the sight of it. Anyhow, it's still okay as long that it's colored red which symbolizes luck for Chinese.

 photo IMG_20150208_123812_zpsak1fyoa5.jpg
It's Chinese New Year too! Just timely to have it painted in red.

The reason for changing our door is not just because we just want to (inspired with London's red door). Our door has been broken already at the middle part because of wear and tear. It's been a decade already. And the carpenter of our new door told us that aside from wear and tear, the wood quality actually is not really sturdy. We started have it made last year pa (end week of December 2014). But the painter is not available and the paint of this is not the ordinary one. It is auto-finished (the one used in automobiles). And it's quite expensive huh! But I guess it's all worth the wait (more than a month) and the hefty price tag (the paint alone). It is polished, smooth to touch and also easy to clean. We just use a dry flannel cloth and just wipe it to the entire door. Squeaky clean in an instant! I love how it turned out.

 photo PhotoGrid_1423447715818_zpsgouq9uj4.jpg
My li'l helper. She patiently hold the door for me to take photos
with side comments that mosquitoes already kept biting and
hanging out on her legs...

Cheers to love, life, new year and… new door!!!


  1. Your door is so pretty! :) Happy Valentine's Day! ♥

  2. Hallow, sis! First time ko naligaw sa blog mo and I like it agad. :D More back read ako mamaya nito. :-)

    I love your red door, iba ang aura! Parang ang positive and fun ng feeling. Will definitely paint our door with a striking color like yours kapag lumipat na kami ng haws. :-)

    1. London-inspired din ito… Yes agree! maganda talaga ang door namin. I'm happy about it


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