Friday, 30 January 2015

I cannot wait...

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Goofing while waiting for lunch time to tick.

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We love it striped! My office mate for a week.

I remembered my childhood days when me and my sister dressed up alike like we are twins. We have the same clothes design yet varied in color, same shoes, same hair style and so on. Now, I can relate and understand how my mother enthusiastically prepare us for any occasion or event in school, planning on what dress we're going to wear. Or how she carefully do our hairstyle and make-up. As a parent, we are proud if people admires our kids, right? Don't misinterpret me. I don't mean having a boy is not equally fun. I am a mother of two adorable girls. Dressing them up is so much exciting and I love to experiment fashion stuff worn with them. Now that my older daughter is almost 4 years old, I enjoy now bringing her along with me without so much hassle. I love tagging her along with me if I want to stroll in the mall or go somewhere going for my errands. She's now particular on what to wear and I find that challenging too because it gives me the thrill also of finding my OOTD that coincides with her outfit.

The more my daughter grows up, the more I'm eager to find time to spend it with her because she has so many things to share and tell. No more secrets for her because what she sees during the day, she already tells it to us. She going to school (pre-kinder) this coming school year and that makes me more excited and thinking of what shoes, or bag, or lunch box I'm gonna have for her. The youngest one is still too young and I, too, look forward on that day that the 3 of us share each other's likes about anything stuff that girls only understand. 

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