Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Green is love too! A Valentine's day gift suggestion

In my previous post here, I've said that colors red and brown (for chocolates) signifies love. As we celebrate this month of February with love, naturally we love to shower our loved ones by giving them flowers in red bloom as it is romantic and chocolates in brown as it is sweet to declare our love in our own little way. Well not only those two colors, I would say that green would suffice the meaning of love too. Love for oneself, family, health and well-being. In this generation, we can be creative by giving them something extraordinary but meaningful presents for this Valentine's day. Let's give them green by keeping it healthy. Healthy in the way we intake food into our system by eating the right kind of food. For example, by consuming green leafy and green-colored vegetables as part of our eating routine.

 photo IMG_20150209_151359_zpsiqfmaqw0.jpg
Freshly picked bounties. You may put this in a decorative container
for a more presentable appearance.

Aren't they glorious and refreshing? Big chunk of tomatoes, japanese cucumbers and three heads of lettuce. Crisp, juicy, hydrating not to mention it costs way cheaper than flowers and chocolates and with more health benefits to add. I'm not saying that I don't like receiving flowers and chocolates from the ones you loved. Who wouldn't? Just saying that if you have limited budget thinking what you could give to your loved ones this Valentine's day, here's one suggestion for a change. Why not? It sure is healthy and your loved ones would think that you are concern too of their well-being not just a commercial stuff Valentine's day nowadays has to offer. 

 photo IMG_20150209_191244_zpsqys90ban.jpg
My dinner yesterday which I prepared for the household to share.
This is served with grilled tuna belly and squid. Yum!

 photo IMG_20150209_193202_zps1xztxvwr.jpg
These are the dips I have. But I mixed my salad with
Sesame dressing and Parmesan cheese to add flavor to my greens.

For those who are clueless yet of what to give to their loved ones, now here's what I can share. Head now to your nearest market and pick up the freshest and healthiest green bounties that you could give to your loved ones. It's something personal and more meaningful because it goes out with all the love and effort you did. 

Happy Valentine's day to y'all! Cheers to love and well-being! 


  1. Hi, Donna!

    I like the idea of a "green" Valentine! We're trying to eat healthy too, but we love cakes and chocolates way too much. haha!

    1. Same here Ms. Cym! But I have to take care of my health 'coz dahan2x nang bumibigay,,hehehe... need to...


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