Thursday, 31 January 2013

Falling out

The welcome of the new year does equally exciting and stressful to me. Exciting because I am excited to see and experience what's in store for me and my family. Second, it has been a stressful months for me since I give birth to my second child last October of 2012. I was confronted by major adjustments with regards to my kids. Plus the fact that I'm working in the day, stress from the environment affects my emotional state. And the result? Dandruff -the yucky, flaky and itchy enemy a woman can have. For every woman, the crowning glory will always be the important part of our body next to the tummy, face, skin, teeth and I think everything. I have been changing shampoos now and then but it never succeeded to get out of my scalp. And the worst part is, I have falling hair! I extremely dislike seeing hair strands in the floor and it stresses me more. Does anybody know any way to get rid of dandruff and falling hair in a natural organic way? help!


  1. Hi! :) I would recommend nizoral shampoo, you can buy it from National bookstore. I know your problem, I've lived it. Hay! :( I've also tried a lot of shampoos pati herbal & organic like gugo & moringga but still I get itchy scalp & oily hair (yuck!). A doctor friend recommended Nizoral, it's a small bottle lang & the directions say 2-3x a week, but I've been using it as my shampoo na talaga ever since it worked. Do you take maintenance medications? Kasi that's also one factor for hair-fall daw. I hope this helps! ;) Do let me know ha! :-*

    1. Thanks Tita! (feeling close po?hehehe)..okay I'll try it.. I'm taking my multi-vitamins and calcium since i'm breastfeeding right now.. and I think one reason too is the ever changing weather na hindi mo mawari kung anong gusto nyang panahon for the moment..


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