Wednesday, 23 January 2013

This time around

Hola bloggistas! As always I've been out of the limelight of blogging for a long time now. However, never in a day will my support and presence in the blogosphere fails. I always read the blogs in my blog list daily. And now, I am here again since I am in the middle of a lot of stuff to search, comply, and decide. Everyday is a whole new picture of what's going to be ahead of you. It's a challenge and it's a good or bad scenario. Every day is a risk to take and every second counts. It's a good venue for me to chill and relax my mind with a short and quick blog. Because right now I'm preparing for the Valentine's day giveaways in our office, the baptism of my second child and the 2nd birthday of my first. All happening in February. Whew! A lot of stuff for me to prepare. I am praying for wisdom and miracle that these 3 things will be all right in order, place and the exact things I've been looking for.

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