Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Carmen's Best: Pure Indulgence

True to its word, Carmen's Best Pure Indulgence artisanal ice cream is indeed indulgence at its finest. I've seen numerous raves about it in social media including blogposts that kept my mind glued on it until its availability reached here in Davao City and can only be bought at Echostore here and here at that time. I'm happy about it because only a step away, I'd be able to taste the much talked about homemade artisanal ice cream and gelato made available in the local market. And since it is now available in NCCC Supermarket, I couldn't be any happier! That's what I call accessibility granted!

 photo IMG_20150511_182226_zps7rh8vcjy.jpg
I couldn't believe it's this plenty when I saw it yesterday
at NCCCMall Supermarket. To my heart's delight!

Last Sunday, and because it's Mother's Day, I posted in my FB days before that all I want is to have this ice cream and nothing else. I cannot remember telling my husband about what I want for that day but he asked me if that ice cream I want is available in GMall Toril. No, it's not.

 photo IMG_20150512_094645_zpszgmhviwx.jpg
I like it that it has 'best before' note written.
Sorry for the blurry photo. But for the one I bought,
it'll last until April of 2016 when kept chilled. 

Honestly, I find it expensive at 450 pesos for a small tub of container. But hubby gave me money for this and his gift for me as I wished for. Why not? I splurge because it's Mother's Day! Amusing part. After the cashier punched it in the cash registry, she kept looking at the bar code and also the bagger. They were having small conversations I assume of how much it cost. I smiled at them and said that's really the price. She then said, "Does it taste good?" And I said, "It's my first time to try that too. We'll see…" 

 photo IMG_20150512_094715_zpss8458ahh.jpg
That creamy, rich, velvety and smooth texture is sooo damn goood!!!

 photo IMG_20150512_094733_zpssrm9gklu.jpg

I must admit, having a sweet-tooth, is a bit difficult because I easily submit to every dessert and pastry that is available for me to eat. I love everything sweet! No questions about that. Of all the ice cream that I've tasted and tested (though I haven't tasted yet the Haagen Dazs or Ben & Jerry's or Dreyer's to name a few expensive ones), I love the mild sweetness, melts-in-the-mouth Mudslide flavor of Tillamook available in S&R. Now, having tried this flavor of Carmen's Best, I'll surely try out the rest of its available flavors even if I sacrifice buying other things/'wants' I want. This is what I call pampering oneself and submitting to my heart's desire. Carmen's Best is the best!


  1. Looks delicious....wanna try also...

  2. Hope you had an awesome Mother's Day celebration, Donna!

    1. Same to you Ms. Cyn! God bless you and Bianca

  3. Hi! I haven't tried Carmen's best yet but I often see it on IG. I still can't get myself to buy it at that price. I've tried Cold Stone ice cream and it was good but I think it's overpriced, too. Personally, I find S&R's Blue Bunny ice cream (esp. my fave Chocolate Brownie Extreme!) way better. :)

    1. For me, just trying' for curiosity sake.. so far so good.. Will be buying next time wen the budget permits, of course! It's really expensive though.. I've heard Selecta's coffee crumble is good too...


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