Thursday, 16 April 2015

Here Comes Summer 2015 (Part 2)

In lieu of my previous post here, here's the 2nd part. I've said that I'll bombard photos of our recent beach trip in this post but sadly I haven't took as much photos as I want because my phone battery's drained. I forgot to charge it. But anyway, here are some photos I grabbed (without permission) from my SIL's FB page. 

 photo 11149455_10153268034834686_8713391268982687265_n_zpsmyv5ugft.jpg
Their swimming pool is very nice. Even the adult pool can accommodate kids
but with adult supervision and company.

 photo 11148498_10153268035769686_6901258836779450896_n_zpsvtusnasb.jpg
Here's the mushroom structure they have and from afar the giant shoes
which I think is 20 years old or more. Both structures
are preserved and I'm glad they did. We have stories to tell to our children.

 photo 10999749_10153268035919686_2812057507394673258_n_zpsujrbm52j.jpg

 photo 11150432_10153268035854686_3974957386528820794_n_zpsprfqzd1k.jpg
At the far right is their new and child-friendly playground. 
At the left is one of their new function halls.

 photo 11017049_10153268036284686_4830118074169866000_n_zpsp14bxijj.jpg

 photo 10984609_10153268036499686_3083307818817376941_n_zpsdgmy98nh.jpg
This castle is also 2 decades old. We remember playing here when
we were kids. But now, they closed the entrance going at to the top.

That's all folks. More than the photos I shared, there are many improvements Mergrande has done through the years. And I'm glad that they maintained it and until now they are still in operation despite many resorts that are now in business.

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