Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Happy Notes for 2015

I want to start off this year feeling good, new and positive. Why? Because I wanted to carry on the positive vibes 2014 has started out for me and my family. The yuletide season for us as a family brought good tidings and blessings in unexpected way. Blog winnings left and right, UK visa approved, London trip with my hubby, visited my brother and brother-in-law's family in London, my first nephew was born, my kids all healthy and the rest of my family too, blessed with an abundant and productive farm and a so-called "promotion" as the closing salvo. In between, there may be challenges and mishaps but all these are more than enough than we expected. It has been a wonderful and blessed year to start off and I'm more than grateful enough for the year 2014 that God has provided my family. It is truly a rewarding year that I'll always wish that the coming year will be as great as the previous one. I'll not expect more than enough but the best and I know God will always be fair enough to grant our heart's desires in which He think we deserve. 

Definitely, this year is gonna be my year (I'm born under the year of the sheep) and I'm gonna claim it in God's greater glory. Amen!


  1. Cheers to a wonderful year! I might fly to London this summer, too, to visit my grandmother. But it depends if the bureau will approve my husband's leave. Hoping!


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