Monday, 29 December 2014

As the year 2014 ends, let me welcome 2015 (the year of the sheep)

My long absence speaks for itself. It's Christmas and a lot of merry-making that kept me busy and silent here in my blog. I'm so thrilled for the coming year yet looking back and reminiscing the year that was. 2014 for me has been a marvelous one full of surprises and blessings (in small and big packages) that was least expected. And I'm so overjoyed, grateful for the year not only for the opportunities, experiences, material/financial things that has given to me and my family but also for the people that God let me encounter. In one way or another, it has its share of lows but in general it has been good and gratifying because it's more on the positive rather than the opposite.

I am looking forward to the coming year 2015 because it will be my year. I am born in the year 1979 and 2015 will be the year of the sheep. As Pope Francis said he is hopeful that the coming year will be full of tenderness and peace as what the character traits of a sheep are. What I'll be more cautious this start of the year and I will be taking care more of is my health. I promise to see my OB-Gyne for a pap smear (it is already due almost 4 years ago). I haven't seen my OB-Gyne doctor after my second pregnancy last 2012 and a pap smear is a must and due. My latest annual executive physical check-up result is not okay. My uric acid and creatinine levels showed high range values above the normal range. Three months ago my blood pressure level went up too (not my normal reading) and my IM (Internal medicine) doctor gave me medicine just in case my blood pressure will shoot up again. I'm not in the stage yet that I'm doing it as a maintenance medicine (God forbids). But so far, the result of my bad cholesterol is positive and okay. I won't take any chances. It is better to be safe and early detection is really a cure. I really wish that I am okay and I will be more cautious now in my lifestyle and make it healthier not only for myself but for my family most especially for my two girls.

I wish the same for you my fellow bloggers that we keep ourselves healthy for a longer life, longer journey to enjoy life more and experience God's gifts in different ways. Good health is the best gift we can give to ourselves. I wish you prosperous new year and a fruitful 2015 ahead. Till next year guys...ciao!

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