Friday, 5 December 2014

Our 350-peso worth 6-feet Christmas Tree

Wondered where on Earth we acquired and purchased this very affordable tree? Where else but in Unitop! I've decided to put up a Christmas tree since the kids are big enough to appreciate the beauty and identity of it. What is Christmas anyway without the tree, or any sparkling lights and colorful decor to go with? 

Our Christmas 2014

 photo IMG_20141130_192255_zps40155b56.jpg
Isn't it neat and DIY-ish? My decorations are the old ones that we have.
Since the actual location is where we put the stuffed toys of my kids,
I didn't get it but still designed it to be the cover of the tree base.
I'm so delighted of how it turned out a very creative idea! Isn't it?

Last year and the past 3 years ago, I just decorate our house with a Christmas garland and decorated it with Christmas balls, other Christmas accent and lights (like in the photo below).

Our Christmas 2011 until 2013

 photo DSC04311_zps9889cbea.jpg
It looks like plain and simple in the photo because I captured it in
broad daylight. But when it's lit at night, it is beautiful to look at.
I thought of putting like this before because when I put a tree,
my little ones may play on the decors and lights of the tree
when its near their reach. But now, no more.

But whatever it is, it's nice to feel the spirit of Christmas with decorated surroundings. It adds to the 'feel' of what the season brings. Most importantly, Christmas are for kids and for kids-at-heart. I've been a kid and when the 'ber' months come, we excitedly bug our parents to decorate the house with everything 'Christmas-sy'. It's the spirit of this season that bring warmth and joy to one's heart and associate Christmas with merry-making and cheers to everyone. #christmastree #christmasdecors #christmasDIY


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