Monday, 17 November 2014

Me and my Big Mouth: On Carelessness and Mistaken Remarks

Pardon to post a negative circumstance on a Monday and the first day of the week. But I couldn't let this pass. I've done something wrong and realized it just now. God knows I did not mean it that way and I thank God for showing me the mistake I made this early on. While scrolling on to one of my social network sites a while ago, I've noticed I sent a message not meant for that person a couple of weeks ago. But even if I send that message to the right person, the message it convey is not the way I want that to be meant. It might be misinterpreted. After I read it and realized my clumsy and tactless act, I confess and said my prayer of sorry to my God. I felt bolts of guilt, regret and sorry to the one I accidentally sent a message to especially that person is someone dear to me and a good person. Of all the person, she is that somebody I admire. To be clear, it was not about talking ill to her. In the first place, I don't do it unless I was hurt or just venting out pain or feeling sorry. But at that moment, I wasn't feeling anything odd like that but rather joy and excitement. It's unlikely to have said that because it's far from reality. I was like, what am I thinking at that moment while typing it in the first place? I was in denial that I typed that but even myself I couldn't believe I made that statement. I really was thinking how in the world I made that statement and worst delivered it the wrong way.

I am pretty sure that person already read my message. I cannot take it back anymore. Though she never made me feel uneasy of that mistake I made, I just couldn't help but feel bad of myself to hurt a person important to me. Right now I just want to say sorry and it's not what I mean. Even myself am hurt of what I said. It is a typographical error and I didn't use the right word for the message I want to relay.

Moral lesson of my experience: 1) To be careful where to send your message, 2) Read your message carefully before sending it to the right person, 3) To be tactful and sensitive at all times.

There are really times that even if you want to be good and please yourself and others, there will also be moments that you will hurt yourself and other people even if you really don't mean it at all. 

I just want to give back and say my apologies. It was really a horrible mistake.

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  1. We make mistakes. Asking forgiveness from the person you aggrieved and from yourself are equally important. I'm sure if you apologize sincerely to the one you mistakenly sent a message to, that person will forgive. Most of the times, that's all we really need, a sincere apology.


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