Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Our Little #donya

The long weekend gave me and my husband quality time to be with our kids. And on that note, we spent it as well at my parents house. Obviously, my parents are the most happiest when the kids are around. At 9 in the evening, my kids were still at the peak of their energy. My mother made this to one of my kids...

 photo IMG_20140825_062012_zps9c75f763.jpg

She's such a darling cracking up a hearty laugh while my father and her Ate Mariella was playing something and she enjoyed watching them. Our house at that hour was filled with so much laughter with this little one. I missed to document it through video. But surely these snap shots will make me remember of that happy moment with the kids and my parents around. And when they're a little grown up, I would tell stories to them of how precious this moment was. #justsharing #happymoments #kids


  1. She's surely happy Mommy Donna. Worth the story talaga when you tell it to them..hayy.. Kids are growing up way fast.

  2. I used to take photos before and now I realized, iba pa rin video kasi pwede ko ulit ulitin yung past. :) But photos are still fine. Enjoy your happy moments. :)


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