Thursday, 23 January 2014

Full Head but Empty Stomach

Are you like that? Or have you experienced thinking about food you want to intake but never had a chance to do so. Well I'm most of the time like that. I have the nicest appetite for food especially sweets more particularly the sweet bitter taste of a dark chocolate like that of a pure cocoa or "tableya". Now I'm imagining again. I prefer the sweet bitter ones compared to the sweet milkier type. But either of them, it makes me happy and gay.

Why I choose to blog it? It's because I was handed a baking book for me to scan. I can't help it but to just imagine the food right before my very eyes. All sorts of breakfast sweets, tarts and pies, cakes, cookies and spoon desserts are in the book authored by Dorie Greenspan, also author of the best-selling Baking With Julia. The title of the book is Baking From my home to yours. It says it's a winning book of James Beard Foundation Book Awards. It's tempting, drooling, melting and gooey-licious. I bet you are now imagining and salivating too.

Well from the cover itself, you know that something delicious is about to unravel.

 photo IMG_20140123_144234_zps9db570c9.jpg
The cover book speaks for itself already

 photo IMG_20140123_105200_zpsd0718276.jpg
This cake is called the Devil's Food White-Out Cake.

 photo IMG_20140123_143058_zpsda501e32.jpg
Chocolate Armagnac Cake
I'd love to share with you the recipe but it seem I can't get a clear picture of the recipe using my android phone. The camera shots really suck. The photos above are enhanced already. But anyway there are really plenty of feel-good recipes in the book. The two were the first ones that caught my eyes and it really makes my stomach churn until now. How good is that?

Valentine's day is nearing and I'm sure these are wonderful gifts for the loved ones. How about you? What's your feel good food you really enjoy? #chocolatecakes #baking #valentinesdaygift


  1. it is 6AM and i am craving for sweets because of this post! :P

    1. That's true mommy maqui. as in nakaka sin,,hehehe..

  2. Same here I would always love dark chocolates over milky chocos :) ... dami kong tableya nung galing akong mindanao - the ones you have there are purer than those that were sold here sa manila :)


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