Friday, 17 January 2014

Looking good need not be expensive

My first OOTD for 2014. Recently, my hubby and I go crazy over "ukay-ukay" or thrift shopping. Every Sunday, the public market near our area is filled with vendors selling "ukay-ukay". The whole stretch of the street is lined up with glorious finds that I can't seem to get tired of, despite the dust, heat and people flocking as early as 6 or 7 in the morning. Because at the end of my "shopping" spree, I am very satisfied with the clothes I get plus it didn't hurt my pocket very badly. Not to mention that some items are in very good condition to the point that it looks like it was not yet used. A lot of finds I get still has tag on it. So here are my happy purchases:

 photo IMG_20140110_144206_zps658b3153.jpg
From top to bottom (excluding the Gap Kids shoes which I raved about it in here and my underwear of course!) are my thrift finds.

 photo IMG_20140110_144511_zps19b6537d.jpg
Top (inner blouse) is from Uniqlo which I bought at 25 pesos. My friend told me that its color is Radiant Orchid. Oh! well thoughts from a fashion forecaster. 
The white knitted cardigan is at 50 pesos.  

 photo IMG_20140110_144008_zps10188cfc.jpg
I don't usually buy jeans at an ukay-ukay because first I don't get to fit it.
But what I love is the brand most next is the fit because it is slim and it hugs my bulges.. ;))

 photo IMG_20140110_144331_zps6f82ce64.jpg
See?! That's why I didn't hesitate to get it. It's a Paul Smith and it cost me 150 pesos only.

I love buying in thrift shops. Aside of course that it's way cheaper than buying in malls, you know that the quality of the item will never get you wrong. Branded stuff which you have to shell a thousand bucks but in ukay-ukay will just be a chicken thing. Of course, you also have to scrutinize the item for some damages and wear and tear. Otherwise, leave it. I always look the armpit part, the collar, the sides, the hem, its stitches next of course to the brand.

These are just some of my precious finds. How about you? What's your treasured thrift shop find? Thank God it's Friday! Have a great and safe weekend ahead. #thriftshopping #ukayukay is LOVE.


  1. I love thrift shopping, my greatest find is a black office blazer that costs 100 pesos and the cheapest that I got is a 35-peso jacket (but it comes in a thin material).

  2. Galing! And they all look good on you!

    1. Thank you Maan. Every Sunday is a bonding time with my hubby where else at the ukay-ukay in Toril public market

  3. Nice! Paul Smith for 150 pesos. I wish I could also drag my husband to an Ukay-ukay store.

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