Thursday, 3 December 2015

Christmas In Our House 2015

It's the most wonderful time of the year again. December knocks so fast at our doorsteps and it's already here. So for this year, we decorated our home as we celebrate the spirit of Christmas looking like this...

 photo IMG_20151202_065600_zpsfvzxmwke.jpg
This Christmas tree is in its second year with us.
Since we have a small space, we put it on top of our side table.

This tree is not that heavy so not a problem that the table might give way.
Those stuff toys are already placed there and since we don't have
Christmas base cover, we used them to cover it. Nice idea too!

 photo IMG_20151202_065244_zps9lkfr4de.jpg
When we still don't have Christmas tree, this wreath garland is the focal point of my Christmas decoration at home. It's still a work in progress as some of my old Christmas balls were detached from its string. I might buy new balls or any decor that would fit in with the wreath.  I thought of this because of the minimal space that we have. I decorated it with lights, hanged balls or any Christmas decor that is usually put in a Christmas Tree. Since we have a lot of stuff toys, I make use of it as decors because if by keeping it, it would just accumulate dust.  

 photo IMG_20151202_065131_zps2xzjyes8.jpg photo IMG_20151202_065105_zpslgy7m80x.jpg
      I got these Christmas stockings from Watsons. It is priced at Php57.00 each.
      The Sales Lady told me it's marked down from the original price of Php99.00 each.
      I've been looking for the longest time a Christmas stocking that is of good quality
      and so happy to have finally saw one. I'm still planning to put letters on the green-
      colored space with names of my two kids for a more personalized look.

Most of my Christmas decorations this year are already used from previous Christmases. Only these two Christmas stockings and additional Christmas LED lights are my purchases for this year. My kids are happy with what I put up. After all, Christmas is for the children and for the kid-at-heart.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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