Friday, 6 January 2012


Last night we we had our Post-holiday get-together/mini-reunion with my college batchmates. Unfortunately, the initial people confirmed to attend were 10 but only 5 of us came. But even if we were just 5, we had a great time, catching up each others stories. We had a good laugh, reminiscing our college days and of course the present life we had right now. Dinner is at Coco's Grill at 7pm and ended up almost 11pm.    It's a great feeling to see the same faces like we never aged since a decade ago. The same habit if the agreed time to meet is at 6pm, most of them come 2 to 3 hours late. Kuddos to Stephanie, who came 6pm at a dot. The main reason why I was an hour late is I attended the wedding of my very good friend in the office. I have to be there since it's a long wait.

Being reunited with good friends is a way to de-stress and take a little pause of my daily routine. It's nice to look back on our younger years and make a good laugh for all the fun time we share. I wish on our next get-together we would be complete.

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