Thursday, 19 March 2015

The Modern Day Cinderella

Have you seen it? I bet mothers like me with daughters have movie-dated already. My 4 year old daughter and I watched it last Friday the 13th. And I guess I'm the more excited one because being a young girl once I giddy when Ella turns into a beautiful girl with her beautiful dress, steps in to her glittering glass (slippers) shoes complete with a whole bunch of grandiose and echos, hehehe...

 photo IMG_20150313_185857_zpsz6pu9zlp.jpg
The most coveted glass (slippers) shoes... Stunning!

 photo IMG_20150313_185847_zpsvedmsnlg.jpg
Opinion: Though everything is beautiful in the movie, I think the girl
who portrayed Cinderella doesn't fit in the role. Not because she
is not beautiful physically but there's something in her beautiful face
that didn't make me sigh on how beautiful she was. #parangmaykulang

 photo IMG_20150313_185827_zpskfvg9nuv.jpg
My date.

I love how the run of the story goes. It was not totally revised I should say. Straight to the point. There was no add-on scene just to give a twist on the story. Maybe the only thing that I think was improved is that Cinderella here is empowered like the woman of today. (And fairy godmother is kinda groovy in this film). Moral lesson of the story: Be kind and have courage. Being kind as the traditional Cinderella we've known and now, coupled with having courage to face the world in times of hostilities. I like the version of this Cinderella because it speaks to the women of today. I believe that even if we are now empowered we should remain in us the kindness and meekness a woman is known for. It's like we are the hope after the storm. A ground of solace from chaos.

I recommend you to watch it. It's a nice movie especially when you bring your daughters with you. A fun bonding activity that you both will surely treasure. #perksofhavingadaughter


  1. I agree! I think yung lower half of her face or its shape. But I really find her charming in Downton Abbey. Maiba ako, have you seen this?

  2. I haven't watched Downtown Abbey yet… kakatuwa yung rap battle ah! first time i've heard of it..

  3. All the more I'm intrigued and interested to watch the film!

    1. Ay you should Diane! Gusto ko nga panuorin ulit eh. nakakabata lang ng feeling! reliving. my childhood memories...

  4. We watched it last week and my son did not enjoy it, pang girl daw. hehehe! But I liked it.

    1. Hahaha! Boys will be boys and so as girls...


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