Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Smart Gilas Pilipinas #BasketballWorldCup2014

All eyes now are glued in the Basketball World Cup which is being held in Spain as our Team #GilasPilipinas is playing. Showing notable, unforgettable and almost-winning 3 straight games against the top 5 leading basketball teams in the whole world, namely: Croatia, Greece and Argentina, it marked tremendously in the history of Philippine basketball and that of the whole basketball world that the current 34th in rank will be making headlines even if they didn't end up victorious. What makes #Gilas stand out from the rest of the team is the spirit, dedication and heart #Puso they have put in the game. Watching those games again and again, I felt goosebumps and can't help but be proud of and with them. Being a non-sport fanatic, victory of this sort is not appealing to me. The rush and intensity that comes with it is too manly for me. But the moment I joined my husband to his delight and interest watching and staying in tune of the games, I felt a sense of pride and honor to my fellow Filipinos. Bringing back the bacon is another thing but being able to represent the country, making a remarkable place in each and everyone's heart and mind is more than anyone could wish for.

Last night, our Team, #Gilas played against the Argentina was a never-say-die game. The score 85-81 is a no nonsense game. My hubby was extremely 'into' the game at early morning around 12:30. At first quarter, it's already intense leading the #Gilas by 7 points and no score for the Argentines yet. What made it even more thrilling and jaw-dropping is the moves of Norwood over Scola. See clip below: 

Judging by the voice-over of Philippine commentators, it's such a remarkable move that even International sports journalists and enthusiasts made social media in raving party. See more of here. Reading on to these very positive and encouraging words from foreign bodies, it makes me twice to thrice proud of being a Filipino that a lot have looked down upon. So what makes us stand out from the rest of the world? Filipinos do things from the heart #Puso. Being passionate in everything we do and never gives up easily especially if it is for the country and family. Long live, Philippines! #pusongpinoy

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